Chris Harris
Independent Marketing & Ads Expert

I’m an independent marketing consultant, with a no bullshit approach & the expertise to drive outstanding results for the right clients.

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Digital & Acquisition

Digital Marketing Strategy
Social Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)
EDM & Marketing Automation
Search Marketing (SEO/Local)
SEM & Paid Search (Adwords/Bing)
Digital Media, Display & Retargeting

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy & Positioning
Target Market Identification
Marketing Mix Planning
Traditional Marketing Channels
Market Growth Strategies
Campaign Planning

 Brand Development

Brand Strategy & Positioning
Digital Brand Strategy
Branding Design & Styling
Brand Naming & Identity
Brand Transformation
Brand Reputation Management

Specialist Expertise

Brand Audits
Website Migrations
Member Onboarding Processes
Lead Generation / Inbound
Customer Experience
Conversion Rate Optimisation

I have expertise in delivering outstanding results on the following advertising platforms

I also give my clients flexibility in how they choose to work with me; project-based, retainer, recurring or advisory.

My ideal client understands that with the right investment (time, financial, energy) truely transformational results are possible. If you’d like to have me in your corner, fighting for the success of your business – apply to become a client.

Take a peak inside my mind

I don’t believe in the saying “make a career out of your passion”. I’m not rushing out to become a hip hop artist, NBA all star or a history writer. In contrast, I truly believe that you should make a career out of something you’re good at – do something that compliments your natural tendencies and gives you a deep sense of achievement.

As a kid I didn’t dream about becoming a marketing consultant, but after 10 years of working across marketing and digital (in agencies, freelance & client-side), I’ve become pretty good at this. I’m starting to become a thought leader and have answers to complicated questions – it’s fun and highly satisfying.

I’m have a Masters of Marketing, and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology & Communication, making me a consultant with the soft-skills to go beyond just understanding the ad platforms. I can help my clients dive into their customers mindset and create messaging which resonates deeply within a prospects sub-conscious.

When you work with me, you aren’t getting a small amount of my attention because I’m distracted thinking about my other passions. I am a marketer and I apply myself unapologetically to my craft every single day.


A sample of clients I’ve worked with

+ 100’s more

FAQs about my services

Am I expensive?

I make my clients more money, therefore you might consider my costs irrelevant. Typically though a client will start with a lower risk tolerance which gradually reduces as they see the results improving, and that’s totally fine.

Am I interested?

Every project is unique and I love that. You may worry that your budget is small, or that your business isn’t important enough to warrant a consultant. Don’t worry, I’ll chat to you about it – that’s free.

Am I experienced?

Chances are I’ve never worked on a project exactly like yours, but I have worked on over 400 other marketing projects, and I can leverage key principles and use prior learnings to the benefit of each specific client.

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Based in Melbourne Australia, I work with clients from all industries
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