Chris Harris
Not Your Typical Marketing & Ads Expert

I’m an independent marketing consultant, with a no bullshit approach & the expertise to drive outstanding results for the right clients.

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Digital & Acquisition

Digital Marketing Strategy
Social Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)
EDM & Marketing Automation
Search Marketing (SEO/Local)
SEM & Paid Search (Adwords/Bing)
Digital Media, Display & Retargeting

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy & Positioning
Target Market Identification
Marketing Mix Planning
Traditional Marketing Channels
Market Growth Strategies
Campaign Planning

 Brand Development

Brand Strategy & Positioning
Digital Brand Strategy
Branding Design & Styling
Brand Naming & Identity
Brand Transformation
Brand Reputation Management

Specialist Expertise

Brand Audits
Website Migrations
Member Onboarding Processes
Lead Generation / Inbound
Customer Experience
Conversion Rate Optimisation

I have expertise in delivering outstanding results on the following advertising platforms

I also give my clients flexibility in how they choose to work with me; project-based, retainer, recurring or advisory.

My ideal client understands that with the right investment (time, financial, energy) truely transformational results are possible. If you’re after a quick fix, silver bullet solution, I’m not the guy for you. If you’d like to have me in your corner, fighting for the success of your business – apply to become a client.

Take a peak inside my mind

I don’t believe in the saying “make a career out of your passion”. I’m not rushing out to become a hip hop artist, NBA all star or a history writer. In contrast, I truly believe that you should make a career out of something you’re good at – do something that compliments your natural tendencies and gives you a deep sense of achievement.

As a kid I didn’t dream about becoming a marketing consultant, but after 10 years of working across marketing and digital (in agencies, freelance & client-side), I’ve become pretty good at this. I’m starting to become a thought leader and have answers to complicated questions – it’s fun and highly satisfying.

I’m have a Masters of Marketing, and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology & Communication, making me a consultant with the soft-skills to go beyond just understanding the ad platforms. I can help my clients dive into their customers mindset and create messaging which resonates deeply within a prospects sub-conscious.

When you work with me, you aren’t getting a small amount of my attention because I’m distracted thinking about my other passions. I am a marketer and I apply myself unapologetically to my craft every single day.


A sample of clients I’ve worked with

+ 100’s more

FAQs about my services

Am I expensive?

I make my clients more money, therefore you might consider my costs irrelevant. Typically though a client will start with a lower risk tolerance which gradually reduces as they see the results improving, and that’s totally fine.

Am I interested?

Every project is unique and I love that. You may worry that your budget is small, or that your business isn’t important enough to warrant a consultant. Don’t worry, I’ll chat to you about it – that’s free.

Am I experienced?

Chances are I’ve never worked on a project exactly like yours, but I have worked on over 400 other marketing projects, and I can leverage key principles and use prior learnings to the benefit of each specific client.

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Based in Melbourne Australia, I work with clients from all industries
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